Catch up

Been celebrating my freedom from hospital for 3 weeks now! Yet somehow these 3 weeks have gone a lot quicker than the 3 weeks in hospital. I’ve been bombarded with tests, debates, after lecture work and catching up on so much…I think I may be screaming inside.

However now after 3 weeks, I’m off home as I’ve managed to get ill and get a high temperature but luckily not high enough to be taken into hospital. I’ve seen enough of the QE in Birmingham to last a life time XD

Beginning of December marks what hopefully is the end of all this as I’ll have my PET scan followed by a long week waiting for my results. Regardless, after the last 2 Christmas’ of being ill without knowing why and knowing I’d relapsed, this Christmas will be one to remember for my family.

Since coming back to Uni, I’ve realised just how many different flavours of Pot Noodle there are! The stress of uni is in the air for my flat as my flatmates have got assignments galore which makes me feel stressed for them as well as for myself because I know that will be me next year. One of the things I missed most about uni whilst in hospital wasn’t the drinking but the Uni Takeaway!

Yet I’ve met more people along the way which helps as all the other people I’ve met whether they’re my flat mates, flat below etc have been a saving grace after everything. But that doesn’t mean I miss my friends from home like mad. I get to see them next weekend which is certainly something to look forward to.

Just get me to Christmas already so I have around 2/3 weeks off to do nothing but work, sleep and eat my mum’s cooking.




The power of 1

It is now day 3 of my booster injections. What a ride it took for me to get here. A few days before I could start my booster injections, my white blood count finally hit 0 but I was fuming that I couldn’t start it then as I was feeling pretty rough to say the least. However I was very happy today to hear that they are at 0.6 and they need to be 1 or more for me to finally leave! Hate being confined to a hospital room where I need a mask to leave the room. But hey, gets me ready for when I have to wear one for my Forensics. My doctor reckons I could be out of here for Monday/Tuesday but told me not to keep him to it in case it’s later. Either way when they say I can go, I’ll be running as fast as the Flash. What I’m most looking forward to is a meal cooked by mum, that’s the cure I need.

Also means I finally get the car I bought which I’ll be using to drive to Birmingham to pick up Polly so we can celebrate my birthday together with a few others hopefully.

Knowing my white blood cell count is worth being woken up at 6:30am for bloods -_- Looking forward to a full night’s sleep.



Please Sir, may I have my stem cells?

So today is the day, I’ve had 5 days of intensive chemo for this moment…my stem cells to return to me! One step closer to getting fully better, out of hospital and back to a normal-ish life.

I just hate playing the waiting game.

My PICC line kills and I can’t have it removed till my blood counts are going up. The most annoying count for me is my Neutrophiles as it needs to be at a minimum 1 and they take a lot of time to get there after dropping.

I just want out of here, my taste buds are gone again, got bad numbness in my hands and feet, all I seem to be doing is sleeping and watching movies. Can’t complain all the time, I’m grateful to be in this position after so long but I just wish it had worked first time around.



Clean bill of health…TBC

So a few weeks ago I was told the greatest news that so many people in this day and age would do anything to hear…I’m now in complete remission! *queue the champagne*

I started crying as I didn’t know what else to do, 18 months I had been waiting for those words and I hadn’t prepared myself. I swiftly went back home, bought some bubbly for me and my flat mates. We celebrated that night! I hadn’t known these people for more than 3 days and they were crying for joy for me. I’m blessed to be with them.

But even though the cancer is gone, I still have a few more hurdles…

Firstly, I need to get rid of ‘Freshers Flu’ as my immune system is still low.
Secondly, stem cell transplant. About 6 months ago I had 12 million stem cells removed for this moment. Going to have them back to get my immunity back but before that, I have to have 5 more days of chemotherapy. *queue my tears* I haven’t had chemo since May for my second relapse. My third relapse required a different drug and I didn’t lose the hair! But this chemo I’m soon to have will make me lose what hair I’ve grown back and I don’t want to be bald over the winter as it will make my head very very very cold (But think of the hats!) but if I’ve done it twice before, I can do it one more time.

Without sounding modest, I really like the hair I have at the moment! Covers my whole head, got some thickness and length to it; it grew back quicker this time than it did before so I’m hoping it will grow back just as quick. It is currently a similar length to Betty Rizzo from Grease and whenever I watched that film, I did think her hair was very stylish. Gutted that I’m missing uni but praying that I’ll be out before Halloween as my 19th is a few days before and I would love to do something to celebrate with my uni friends as well as my friends from home.

So here is to my final few steps.



Oh the mess!

So I’ve been packing up my room all ready for university and (Friends quote) Oh. My. God. I would have thought packing would make my room tidy and yet it is the worse it has ever been! I’m a messy person in general, 18 years and I’ve learnt nothing about being tidy. Though it is a pain when you live for your mess yet it always bugs you. My mess gets on my nerves yet I’m too messy to tidy up.

I dread uni now, I’m taking less stuff and will be in a smaller room as well. The worse will be when my friends and family come visit, tidying up is effort even for the people I care most about. The only tidy things about me to be fair (I’m not that bad) are my books and my coloured pens! They must stay in order otherwise it will annoy me so so so much.

I just hope and pray that there is enough space for all my stuff (Crap) at uni otherwise my parents will never be able to fully get rid of my stuff from my room.



Who am I?

Who am I?

I’m either something or nothing to you. You care or you don’t. I am a choice in life, one of the many choices we all face. Parents chose to have me and I chose to be me. I won’t bore you with the details, most things about everyone is online anyway. But this blog is for my own sanitation before I embark on the next chapter of my life…University!

Nervous? Yes
Excited? Yes
Sh*tting myself? Yes

But at least I’m not the only one in this situation, the majority of the population have managed to do this, and so can I.

Scorpio Vs. Cancer describes me best. I know they’re both star signs but to me, I’m a Scorpio fighting cancer for the 3rd time. It’s a tense fight but it will be a K.O at some point.

I am just an event on this planet, 1000 years time and no one will remember me. Well that is if no one invents a time machine (TARDIS) to take me to the future or come back as a zombie. You can never be too sure 😉